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4 Ways to Communicate With the UNIVERSE

Communicate With the UNIVERSE

Communicate With the UNIVERSE to Attract What You Want!

So I wanted to share with you today cuz I’m a huge advocate for your connection to this source in your life.

And I wanted to share with you 4 techniques in 4 ways that I enhance my relationship with the universe.

So that maybe you could begin practicing them and seeing this energy show up in the stronger more powerful way in your life.

4 Ways to Communicate With the UNIVERSE

1. Communicating with God

Connecting with source energy that feeling in your life like it’s right next to you. Like it’s a physical entity and an extension of a humane being you’d have a conversation with you.

it’s prayer but it’s an amplified way of praying. it’s less talking to somebody and more of an exchange.

so number one is just having and carving out some time in your life whether it’s daily, whether it’s weekly, where you have an actual conversation with the source.

And to me, that looks like taking walks on the beach or talking to the universe. where I’m just literally having a conversation.

So creating a strong connection through just having a conversation. Instead of seeing this energy and this extension in your life as something that’s outside of you.

Something that you’re speaking or asking and you’re taking from, it’s making it more of an exchange.

Sharing and speaking on a level like it’s just another human being in our life.

Whenever I practice that I feel such a divine connection, such a powerful connection and presence in my life that shows up in such a stronger way.

And also you can do this any time you can. Lay down in bed and have this conversation.

Also not judge that conversation. in your mind we want to play or we probably look crazy or this probably sounds crazy. NO…..

Just forget about that and drop into the conversation. Make yourself like

“ I’m so grateful you’re here with me and that I get to have this conversation with you right now. I really need your guidance in this area of my life and I’m just so grateful you’re here listening to me. I know you’re listening and I’m grateful to have somebody to talk to about it. “

Talking to this energy like it’s your best friend because it is…

And also, It really wants to provide you that friendship in your life. It wants to show up. It wants all of the things that you want in your life.

So start communicating on a level that you’re expressing that rather than always showing up in a way that you were talking to a source, you’re talking to the universe.

We want to be talking with it, we want to be exchanging with it.

2. Breathe

Communicate With the UNIVERSE

My second way of connecting in creating a stronger connection with this source in your life is simply through breathing.

You know, If you’re familiar with yoga. Yoga is an incredible way of connecting the breath to the movement.

Having total presence. And that’s why number two is this connection to breathe, Which is really what I’m trying to say is presence.

Because when we can connect breath, we can begin to recognize that this breath is in fact breathing us.

You know, we are very much breathing, but instead of us, breathing it, it’s really breathing us, and this the breath of divine, like this is the breath of source, this breath and this energy of source flows through every single human being.

You know, flows through you, it flows through me and flows through the man down the street, and that is the source right there. always with us, always present.

Once we can drop into the space of being present through breath and just through our awareness, we recognize that this energy isn’t something separate from us, but it is in fact very much in alignment with who we are in this very moment.

So connecting to breath brings us into that experience and it allows us to drop into the feeling and the vibration.

Everything in our life is simply energy, which means this source, this god, this Divine Light, is an energy that’s flowing through us at this moment, and it gives us that total example.

It’s just a pure example of how God, how the source is just working. It’s working through us in every moment you know we’re a vehicle of this source in our lives.

So tuning into breath is an amazing way to create that more powerful connection. whether it’s through meditation or just Shavasana, just laying and just tapping into that breath, listening to really subtle music that feels good, that’s uplifting and enlightening Or maybe practicing yoga.

Doing meditation in the morning, It allows you to drop into that divine, that source, that’s flowing through you, and it creates a strong connection throughout the rest of your day.

3. Creative Expression

Communicate With the UNIVERSE

So number three is through creative expression. And it goes in alignment with number two. feeling that breath and knowing that it’s flowing through you.

But number three of creating an actual act of expression.

It’s physically creating in the world something that is a vehicle of this spirit, this divine energy in your life.

Creating their creativity and expression it can look like art, it can look like dance, it can look like writing, it can look like poetry, it can look like soccer, a way that you’re physically expressing your body, and you’re allowing your physical being, to be in harmony and in flow with the universe moving through you.

And when we do that through the physical act of expressing, creativity we can really see an end result of what is being spoken through us.

Each of us is super authentic, we have all these incredible attributes that are our own. they’re unique to who we are.

So finding what it means to draw into our experience in an expression of this universe. This source in our lives is an incredible way of seeing it physically work through us.

So this number three creative expression, it’s an incredible way of just recognizing how powerful it is in your being, and how much it really wants to radiate outwards.

And it shows you in a physical experience.

4. Consciously choosing to be Vehicle

Communicate With the UNIVERSE

And last but not least. Number four is consciously choosing to be the vehicle of this Spirit in your life of this source in your life.

It’s just bringing your awareness towards your body and your life.

Being in connection and in harmony with what source is trying to move through you and extend into the world.

Which is kindness, unconditional love, positivity, happiness. You want to radiate and exemplify the qualities of the source of God in your life.

You have to start tapping into the fact that you are a vehicle of it. And committing yourself on a daily basis to bring a vehicle to this is a way of bringing. Yourself early on in the day in alignment with always being in flow with this energy, always being in a connection, always being in harmony, enhancing that connection in your life.

Because it brings it into your awareness, and when it’s in your awareness. You’re practicing it on an unconscious level more frequently throughout the day.

And that’s very empowering when you’re trying to create that stronger connection to the universe in your life. It’s just committing yourself to it early in the morning, or whenever you think to during the day.

Bringing your awareness towards being just a vehicle of total goodness, just like this, this unconditional love, that source is.

Just extending committing yourself. I commit every morning to be a vehicle to this guiding love that you have to offer through me.

So I really hope that you guys enjoyed my four steps. I’ve used these techniques, for quite some time. And of course, I have some bad days, but all of my days. I would say 99% and 98% of my days are great.

And when they’re feeling bad. I shift through I shift my energy from that to something better something more in alignment with the divine with God. Through these actions,

I really hope that you amplify your connection to the spirit that you’re manifesting you’re creating goodness in your life.

Through these tools that I offer you today. I hope you have a blissful day filled with a lot of connection to the universe in the Spirit. And to God, because that’s what it truly. It is Spirit, God, divine, source, Mother Earth, it’s all good, it’s all love.

What do you think?


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