7 Beginner Yoga Mistakes And Tips To Fix

Beginner Yoga Mistakes And Tips To Fix

Yoga is the exercise to refresh the physical, mental mind, and body. This tradition comes from India and now it goes all around the world. You need a proper place with a proper yoga mat as well for the perfect method. Most beginner ladies love to do but some have injuries and pains in joints, legs, and knees. Because they will fail in beginner Yoga Mistakes. For correcting those issues you can know some tips to fix them correctly. Let’s come to see down what are beginner Yoga Mistakes?

What are Beginner Yoga Mistakes?

1.No deep breath

This is the first mistake most ladies doing in yoga. When ladies who are willing to do Yoga try to get the pose right, trying to balance they do not breathe deeply. It will make anxiety, stress, and tension. Also the body will not get the relaxation and you will find the pain only. So if you breathe deep your body and nervous system get more relaxed. Now taking from this relaxation you can touch up other Yoga poses with less effort and ease. So take a deep breath when you do Yoga exercise poses.

2. Less use of props

If you do not use blankets, blocks, bolsters, and straps as props you will face difficulties. Without using these things your body will get injured and have some other joint pains. Using the blankets or block will be seated you properly without any injuries. It’s fine. Like the way taking straps gives coolness to your feet.

3. Downward dog in u- shaped

Downward dog is one of the technical yoga positions. The backbone of your body should be straight in a downward dog which means the body can’t be U- shaped or curved. If you are having downward dog poses in U-shaped the weight in your wrists and shoulders can make injuries to your body. So try to avoid these positions for overcoming the bad issues.

4. Wrists injuries

If you are not doing the poses downward dog you will feel bad in your wrists and you will get injuries. Then you have to stop it and immediately feel free without the stress. So make sure to push the weight back into the legs. Spread your five fingers widely and press down via the knuckles.

5. Move without mindfully

Yoga is the mind relaxing exercise that makes both your body and heart relax by going together. If you move without out of your force mind you wanna face the injuries in your body parts. So moving to each pose slowly and smoothly makes the body healthy. Now you do not want any effort or force.

6. Wrong in Low plank

Low plank is the strong pose in Yoga. If you do it wrong you have led to some issues. If you are a newcomer to Yoga use your knees to find enough strong feel until it comes to your mind. Therefore try the low plank in a correct way.

7. Stop comparing with others

If I say normally, comparing with others will ruin our lives. Because we think we are not good enough in anything, not flexible, not proper enough, etc. From this point of view, you try your poses of Yoga. This is inner peace activity to your body and heart. Then if you do it yourself you can win. That’s all.


So now we gonna start to overcome these mistakes. Yeah, there are some tips to fix it. Catch it from the below.

  1. Do a deep breath
  2. Using props
  3. Downward in dog v-shaped
  4. Prevent from wrist injuries
  5. Move with mindful
  6. Use the proper low prank poses
  7. Don’t compare with others


This is for the beginner ladies. Try Yoga without the mistakes then only you can keep your mind and body strongly ever.

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