Xiaomi has designed a camera phone with an under-screen flip camera


Xiaomi has with success gotten a patent for a smartphone with an under-screen flip camera. That may serve the dual purpose of the primary camera and a selfie camera.

The flip technology to be utilized in the phone’s camera setup can change the camera to rotate 180 °C and function both a selfie cam and a rear-facing camera.

The design details a triple camera array at the rear, just like the iPhone 12’s layout placed within the phone corner. one in each of these rearward-facing cameras will “rotate” using a motor or magnets to purpose towards the display.

During this configuration, the camera would act as a front-facing under-display selfie camera.


Xiaomi has carved a distinct segment for itself with its array of mid-range and high-end smartphones. the company continues to pursue active research and development among the smartphone section of the tech industry.

It recently showed an inspirational phone that includes a curved display and an under-display camera. Xiaomi isn’t the only company, functioning on innovative carved displays and under-screen camera technology.

However, the company is making huge strides within the event of a rotating under-display camera module, as indicated by a replacement patent granted it by the world carved Organization.

This isn’t Xiaomi’s solely under-display phone vision, though. A design uncovered a year agone details the same resolution to the ZTE Axon 20.

The company additionally confirmed last year that it plans to release its 1st under-display camera phones in 2021.

Notably, Xiaomi’s rotating under-display camera patent was filed in 2020 however only recently came to light in April.

It’s unclear if Xiaomi plans to bring this design to promote, or if it’ll accept a less complicated implementation 1st.

The patent documentation also discovered that the front-facing camera is activated internally with the rotating rear camera.

The display is adjusted to suit in with the activated camera module and supply an equally powerful shot.

The patent documentation reveals many alternative minute details, and that we expect the revealing of the first Xiaomi smartphone that will feature the under-display rotatable camera setup.

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